Separation Anxiety

Build the Confidence

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety can be incredibly challenging for the dog owners. Sometimes it can be hopeless, frustrated and lost. It doesn’t have to be like that. There are tools ready to use to make it better for everyone. The biggest challenge is the Patience.

Dogs always communicate with us by behaviour and we just need to understand and help them to make it better.

The SA is easy to misunderstand when the home is the damage. We think -naught, urinary that the dog is bad, or barking -“ohhh he/she will be fine”.

Dogs are not naught, bad or they will be fine, they just letting you know “ I am not ok on my own”

There is a fear of being left alone or anxious as my favourite owner left.

In some cases, where dog has not enough brain stimulation, exercise, can damage home because they are bored and full of energy. It doesn’t mean they can’t stay alone. The management steps are different.

During the Separation Anxiety Training there are a few scenarios we need to take on board. We need to remember that each dog is unique and can learn differently. The most important is to be patient and full of understanding for your dog.

We teach a dog that being alone is cool, safe and amazing. We use desensitization (decrease the fear intensity to accepted level for dog) and counter-conditioning (which helps to re-teach the dog to feel pleasure towards fear) methods.

I do understand it is expensive training however, if you think in terms of 10 years, calculate the costs of day care, dog walkers, dog sitters multiplied by 10 years, add the stress of the last minute cancellations, unspontaneous home leaving because you run out with eggs. The costs of the training is even not half of the costs which you will have during those years. The SA Training can change not only your life but your dog’s life too. 


Intensive SA Training – 4 weeks

• 1h assessment

• 4 weekly zoom chat (once a week to talk about the progress)

• Daily video reviews-feedback

• 20 written plans (training plans, each day the plan is different)

• SA training app

• Daily WhatsApp support (during working hours)

• Useful handouts

Light SA Training
– 4 weeks *

• 2 zoom chat (every 2nd week to talk about the progress)

• 8 video reviews per month (2 videos per week)

• 8 written plans (2 plans per week)

• SA training app

• WhatsApp support (emergency – during working hours)


Independent SA Training *

• SA training app

• 30min zoom pre month

• Emergency video review ( limit to 2 per month, over 2 £10)

  • Those trainings are available only after the Intensive Training