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Adventure Time

1 to 1

The walk is not just a toilet for a dog. It is his/her time to meet friends, to sniff if a new dog is around, check who marked the tree or rush as a best friend is waiting for him/her in the park.

I do walks 1 : 1 so I can concentrate on your dog’s needs such as  exercise, nose work or fears of saying “hello” to other dogs, street noise. Help him/her to cope with the  environment or having a good fun. All depends on dog needs and his/her personality. 

Sometimes, I take my Lexy as a company to give a bit of back up for your dog. I can see that helps to break the biggest bricks and build confidence.

Walk 1-1

1h :                 1 dog – £ 16.00

                        2 dogs- £25.00

30 min :         1 dog – £ 8.50

                        2 dogs- £16.00