Become Better

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Dogs are like children,

Big or small, fluffy or short hair, fat or slim, 

each one still need the Guide to show the path how to behave and teach to make the right decisions

They need to be taught how to walk next to you, what to do when you call them, or how to behave when you leave home.

If you think your dog misbehaves or is naughty, then you are in the right tab  🙂


Some older dogs are less willing to approach to new dog.

Sometimes it can be that s/he doesn’t know how to do it as nobody showed that.

Sometimes, it is just the lack of confidence. A bit of bad experience from the past.

It can be the anxiety, stress which needs more time to be sorted  

Do you wander now how the Play Time can help your dog???

I know just read more 🙂