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Play Time

We live in the busy times and not always we can give our dogs what they need. We have dog walkers, trainers, behaviour specialist, groomers. Recently, I came out with an idea, of ” Play Time” during customer’s needs.

Dogs with separation anxiety can slowly build that confidence to be away without the Owners and enjoy that time. The Good Fun replace the Owner’s absence. This way the fear is associate with good feelings which is play.  

Other dogs could have a need to improve some training skills, and other to play with other dog and other to tear the boxes or paper rolls as at home they don’t do it.  It is more about cleaning after it, when you have kids, there is the last thing you want to do, walk around and pick the paper up 🙂  It is amazing game for them if you put the treats inside,close it and give them to explore. 

 I have plenty of toilet rolls 😀                                   

During Play Time, I spend the time with them and watch the body language, response to activities  such as:

  • brain games: mental stimulation
  • sniffing mat: nose, brain work
  • licking mat: helps to relax and decrease arousal bucket
  • cuddle: positive feelings 🙂 my best one 
  • training and socializing with my dog: learning how to be around the second dog in closed area

This is an amazing experience for dogs as well for puppies.

It is like ” Visiting a Friend” where, I can watch and analyse small pieces which, can be easily missed at home and have huge meaning in dogs live.

I offer a play time after Puppy Training Program to improve the skills with distraction, which is my dog, new smells, new place. 

Play time: £ 35 for 2h