Puppy Training in Wandsworth, Clapham and Tooting

6 weeks - £330

Wandsworth Puppy Training

If you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy to the family home, whether you’ve had a dog before or this is your first family pet, it is essential to make sure they have the best start in life with an effective training programme.

From the initial home visit through to watching them master their essential skills, my specialist puppy training programme in Wandsworth and surrounding areas will be tailored to the individual personality of your puppy, ensuring they are receiving effective training to help them pick-up these skills in the best way possible.

My 1 to 1 puppy training will firstly get to know you and your puppy, working out their learning abilities before devising a training schedule to best suit their needs.

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1 to 1 Puppy Training

At PawsAgnes, I believe that it is important to devote 1 to 1 attention to your puppy training within your home setting for the first 2 weeks in their new home.

When they reach 10 weeks old, your puppy is old enough to start their training. My puppy training programme in Wandsworth, Tooting and Clapham offers regular 10-minute training sessions throughout the day when they are this old, which is a great foundation step to help build their relationships and confidence before stepping out into the big wide world.

Whenever your puppy is ready, their training can progress to areas with more distractions to truly test their abilities. Parks are great environments as they will get used to other people and dogs passing by whilst learning that you are their master and the person they should be returning to.

My puppy training programme aims to take around 6 weeks, but could take longer/shorter depending on your puppy’s needs – it is a very intensive programme, but will also be fun and full of positive reinforcement!

Why Choose PawsAgnes?

Through the initial questionnaire and home visit, I will personally get to know more about you, your household and your new puppy. I will watch how you and your family interact with your puppy and learn more about your goals and what you’d like your new puppy to achieve.

I will use this information to help shape your 1 to 1 puppy training programme to ensure your pup will take the most away from our hour long sessions. We will work out an average timescale before devising a weekly plan based on your puppy’s learning abilities.

As well as in person puppy training sessions in Wandsworth, Tooting and Clapham, we will set up a WhatsApp group so we can track progress in between sessions. I ask you to share daily videos to help make sure your puppy training is continuing throughout the week. This is also a good way for me to see how well your puppy is responding to the training and whether any amendments need to be made to our programme.  

What Will Your Puppy Learn?

When you choose my Wandsworth puppy training programme, I will get to know you and your puppy, taking their needs and personality into consideration when providing my training. By the end of the puppy training programme, your pup will be able to master the basics and have the opportunity to pick up some more advanced tricks too.

Your puppy will learn:

  • Sit/down
  • Recall
  • Stay/wait
  • Loose lead walk: three parts
  • Eye contact
  • Nose touch
  • Take it/drop it/bring it
  • Leave it
  • Emergency stop
  • No jumping up (luring tree)
  • Settle/mat/bed·       

We will also cover various tricks:

  • Roll over
  • Bow
  • Selfie/Stool exercise
  • Twist/spin

And some games too:

  • Muffin tray
  • Sniffing mat
  • Boxes + rolls
  • Disc sniffing

Book Your Puppy Training in Wandsworth

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I offer my puppy training in Wandsworth and across surrounding areas including Clapham and Tooting. To find out if I can provide my puppy training in your area, don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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