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Individual Training

Create a connection between you both, building the partnership is essential for well-being of your puppy and you. 

From birth, they had connection with their mum. She washed them, fed them and taught them how to behave. 

When they reach 8 weeks, their world change so much. They go to new home, full of new smells, new sounds, new voices, everything new. Have you though how they feel???  Have you thought that night crying is simply ” I feel lonely; I don’t feel my mummy, no brothers and sisters; I am scared”.  How would you feel and what would make You feel safe?? You are his/her new Mum now. 

It would be a good idea to have a pre-puppy consultation to get all the essential information about the basic knowledge before puppy arrives. It helps not to panic during first night 🙂  It is available to book too.

When, she/he reaches 10 weeks you can start training from 10 min a few times a day with Puppy Training Program. I have found that time as an amazing foundation step before stepping into big world such as park, street, other dogs.  That two weeks helps to build a relationship, a confidence at him/her before going outside. During that time we concentrate on eye contact, to teach your Puppy that You are The Best Person in the park and comes back to you each time. Practice the re-calls as well as loose lead walking to give you the time to practice the technique needed outside.

The next step will be training outside with all distractions around. This is huge challenge and a little test too ( to see how important You are for your puppy)  🙂 

The training  is not only cue-reward, we will do some brain games, tricks, exercises, a bit of everything depends on breed you have.

That six weeks will be very intensive but full of fun and positive reinforcement and vibes 🙂

How the training looks with me???

Well, it is awesome but painful as I am very strict person. However, you will love me at the end, when you call your dog and s/he will be with you without chasing her/him. 

At the beginning, I send you a questioner in order to collect all important information before our first meeting.  Then we arrange the day and time for home visit. The consultation takes around 2h. We discuss the answers from questioner if I need more information. At the same time, I watch the dog and all family how the communication looks like and how each of family approach to the dog and her/his reaction to it. I listen to your goals to achieve and I offer the training steps and how long it might take. All in average timescale because, all depends on dog’s abilities to learn. The “Weekly Plan” is emailed you (of course, I show you everything, and every step is repeated by you too).  I set up a WhatsApp group, and this is the best, a daily video are recorded and send to me. I know, what you think, however, you have come to train your dog, you pay for it and you want to see the results. Whereas, what I want to see is your commitment to it.

I want to see, if you do them properly inc. each members of your family, I want to see dog’s reaction to it, how s/he is responding to it, if s/he is fast learner and I need to increase the criteria in the middle of week to avoid his frustration of repeating what s/he knows or maybe s/he is slow learner and I need to decrease the criteria to motivate him “s/he can do it” not to disengage each of you. The training progress can be amazingly fast, if your commitment is seriously taken on board too.

Each week, I add brain games, nose job and many more because the whole training is all about good fun too.

Puppy Training Program

We learn:

  • Sit/down
  • Recall
  • Stay/wait
  • Loose lead walk: three parts
  • Eye contact
  • Nose touch
  • Take it/drop it/bring it
  • Leave it
  • Emergency stop
  • No jumping up (luring tree)
  • Settle/ mat/bed
  • Middle


  • Roll over
  • Bow
  • Selfie
  • Twist/spin
  • Stool exercise

And games…….

  • Muffin tray
  • Sniffing mat
  • Boxes + rolls
  • Disc sniffing 

                                             and many more……………….

Puppy Training Program: 6 weeks £ 250 inc: weekly 1-1 training for 1h, weekly training plan of selected cue, daily video which supports the success of training progress and corrections if needed, contact six days a week (I reserve Sunday for my family) 

After the training, I recommend a “Play Time” to  teach Puppy, that being without Owners is awesome. This support the confidence and  lower any chance of separation anxiety.