1 to 1 Dog Training

Build the Bond

Training 1 to 1

Training a dog is not only a cue and treat. It is more about understanding each other, her/his feelings and most important, how s/he sees the world. It is very helpful to see it from a dog perspective not from Ours. 

Sometimes we can hear that, s/he is stubborn or mean or ” It is terrier, it has to be like that”. To be honest, I often say that about my Lexi that she is terrier and talk too much or that she is a “woman”, and again she talks too much. Simply, I love her that way, because this is the way  we chat. I could have taught her to show me instead of barking, but I love her different tone when she wants to have a snack or dinner or to go outside or when she tells me off.

However, it doesn’t mean that I can’t change that. I can but I choose chatting. There are some moments that barking is not welcome and we work on it (door knocking or when the lift stops on my floor and she thinks we are the only people on the floor without neighbours around).  

As well, when you think that, your dog throws everything away from the bin, or chewed your shoes, have you ever thought what s/he is trying to tell you??? Have you looked at her/him and thought how s/he sees things and why s/he did that???  Simple questions can change your point of view.

Dog lovers know that, dogs love you with pure unconditional love. They just need to be understood by you and this is the way how they speak to you, by being naughty 🙂

Straggling with loose lead walking, recall or simply you think that your dog has problem with hearing, like kids 🙂 it is only not getting on and no boundaries on place.

 I believe in positive reinforcement training which not only teach your dog to pay attention to you, but also build your relationship to be stronger. Beyond this, I use some aromatherapy, Tellington TTouch which is awesome for stressed, anxious dogs. All depends on dog’s needs and what his body language tells me then I mix all my skills, knowledge, instinct to help as much as it is possible. 

How the training looks with me???

Well, it is awesome but painful as I am very strict person. However, you will love me at the end, when you call your dog and s/he will be with you without chasing her/him. 

At the beginning, I send you a questioner in order to collect all important information before our first meeting.  Then we arrange the day and time for home visit. The consultation takes around 2h. We discuss the answers on questioner if I need more information. At the same time, I watch the dog and all family how the communication looks like and how each of family approach to the dog and her/his reaction to it. I listen to your goals to achieve and I offer the training steps and how long it might take. All in average timescale because, all depends on dog’s abilities to learn. The “Weekly Plan” is emailed you (of course, I show you everything, and every step is repeated by you too).  I set up a WhatsApp group, and this is the best, a daily video are recorded and send to me. I know, what you think, however, you have come to train your dog, you pay for it and you want to see the results. Whereas, what I want to see is your commitment to it.

I want to see, if you do them properly inc. each members of your family, I want to see dog’s reaction to it, how s/he is responding to it, if s/he is fast learner and I need to increase the criteria in the middle of week to avoid his frustration of repeating what s/he knows or maybe s/he is slow learner and I need to decrease the criteria to motivate him “s/he can do it” not to disengage each of you. The training progress can be amazingly fast.

Each week, I add brain games, nose job and many more because the whole training is all about good fun too.


Consultation:  £85 for 1.5h 

Traning: £ 55 for 1h